Monday, September 26, 2011

Month 2 Doc. Appt.

Today was technically my first doctor's appt.

The actual first one was a urine test that said "hey you're not lying about the tests you took, our test also says you're pregnant".

But today's appt. was all about getting poked and proded.! The nurse asked me tons of questions, that went really quickly, because hell, two years ago we had answered the same questions. The only difference was the complications that I had with Gabe, were put down on the sheet. I told the nurse, I refuse to go on bedrest again. Haha, like that's my choice...but I would prefer to work until the baby pops out itself. Of course, I would also prefer not to hemorrhage after the baby pops out, but I can't always get what I want.

Okay off track. Anyways, the doctor came in. Did his thing, with the pap. He asked about my nausea, and I told him its off and on. Yesterday was pretty bad. I also told him I was pretty pissed to see people if front of me buying soda and candy with food stamps. Really people?!?!?! Can't use your own money for that? Sorry, a bit of a strong feeling about that one. The doc didn't realize they are allowed to buy that type of stuff... oh yes, they are. It's ridiculous.

Again, off track. I got a BUNCH of stuff from the doctors, including a whole box of a new type of diaper rash cream...SCORE. Then the other stuff is like diaper samples, magazines, pamplets. A shit ton of stuff. I love going through that stuff though, makes it real. Doctor said my uterus is growing appropriately. He also said that I have to limit how often I pick up Gabe now. No.Good. But I knew it was coming. I cramp horribly when I pick him up. But he's almost 35lb, so what do you expect.

Got my blood drawn, from both arms... and I scheduled my next appt. That was it. So I go in Oct. 24th which I will be 2 days shy of 11 weeks, and will likely hear the heartbeat. Yay!!!!

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