Friday, June 3, 2011

Y3W: Bye, Bye Hair!

So on Tuesday, I picked up Gabe from daycare after work and his head was SOAKED, from playing so hard and sweating. His head was so hot. I told Josh I was cutting his hair. Josh didn't like the idea so much. A haircut=looking like a big boy, and the first and only time he's had his hair cut I wished I hadn't because my baby was gone.

But this time was different. So in the highchair he went and off went his hair. It turned our really good actually. Josh, of course, doesn't like it because its too short and he looks like a... big boy now. I think he looks adorable with his new spiky hair do! :)


After again... only not done..

Such a silly boy!

And for good measure, I'll throw another one in the mix!

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