Saturday, March 15, 2014

I pretty much suck...

Yep time has passed me by. It's been what?? Almost a year since I last posted?! Oops. Like I said I pretty much suck.

Soooo.... Big news in the Coggins household! Baby #3 is making its way into our lives! Yep, we are nuts. I'm currently wondering how in the world we are going to be able to go anywhere or do anything with 3 kiddos. But, its not that we only wanted two haha.

 So, I guess I should start posting weekly updates, huh?

Oh Boy are they completely different from my other two. Constant nausea, horrible aversions to most food, sore belly, lots of gas :/, fatigue aka simply exhausted, very tender breasts-- to the point of wearing a bra hurts. 
No gain yet thankfully.Sleep: I sleep okay thus far. Though it seems I have to wake up 1000000x a night to pee. Or Gabriel is kicking me in the back or stomach. 
Food Cravings: Ha! Funniness right here. Nothing. I crave nothing :( I can pretty much eat bread, potatoes, fruit, and yeah thats about it. I can't even look at a picture of meat without getting sick. Best Moment this week: 
Getting a day or two of less nausea and exhaustion. And the warmer weather. It's been in the high 60's-low 70's here which has been amazing to get the kids out to play outside.Movement:
None, just gas thus far :-PLabor signs:
Not sure. I wanted to be team green, but Josh is not for it. I was thinking boy as did Josh--but now with all this crappiness we are starting to question it.Belly button:
Innie still...What do I miss: 
feeling normal, being able to actually help with cleaning, being able to feel good enough to play with the kiddos...What am I looking forward to: 
Not feeling like complete shit... lol. Yep, I suck right now. Milestones:
2 months down, 2 to go...Appointments:
Next Appt is April 3, I'll be a day shy of 11 weeks. Then April 14th I have a NT scan.