Tuesday, April 12, 2011

11 months old!

I can't believe that in one, ONE, short month our little Roo will be a year old. A toddler. It's crazy. So much has changed in a mere month. He currently wears 24m-2t shirts, 12-18m pants, 18-24m shorts, and 5 1/2-6 shoes. He's almost out of size 5 diapers even though they say "More than 27lb" and size 6 diapers are "More than 35lb"... his little butt cheeks fall out of them all the time.

We went to change him into PJ's and this is what we found... a little butt cheek
I may go ahead and buy a small pack of size 6 diapers, and see how they fit, if they are huge on him, at least I will be able to save them until he can fit into them.

He only eats puree's (stage 3) if I don't think he's had enough nutrition that day. Example: some days he hates touches wet foods, other's he doesn't mind. So if he didn't eat well that day, he gets purees. Also I sometimes give him either his snack or puree's before he goes to bed (after we get off work) because we are trying to wean him off of drinking bottles in bed, or at least drinking milk in bed. So far, it hasn't worked. Why you ask? Because if he doesn't see that the bottle is WHITE then he won't take it at bedtime. And he won't fall asleep without a bottle. The water bottle didn't work a bit. He throws it, and screams for it...but with milk in it. I finally gave up after fighting for 2 hours. But I'm keeping a good eye on his teeth, just to make sure. His favorite foods are cheese ravioli and mac and cheese. He hates meat! Loves peas, corn, and now he'll eat carrots. He also loves sweet potatoes. Favorite diced fruit is mangoes, but he also loves peaches and pears. Yes, he eats all that like a big boy! :)

Eating some Mac 'n Cheese

He crawls EVERYWHERE, and is as fast as a can be! He has taken a few steps, but since then nothing. He refuses to "walk" between Josh & I now. But he will walk with his dino. I think he has my mentality, crawling is faster and seems easier....so why not crawl?

On the Move

He babbles, screams (good scream not bad...for the most part), and says dada... He is sorta learning to wave bye bye, but has only done it on command twice.

He HATES sleeping anywhere else besides his own bed. He won't sleep or cuddle with me, Josh, or even in a pack-n-play...its a battle. And when he wakes up, he knocks on the wall by his crib, I guess to tell us he's done with his nap...although we hear him "talking" to his stuffed animals. Usually we let him talk until he knocks though... and when we walk in its ALL smiles.

He loves shoes, but hates wearing them...I think. I know he loves shoes, he plays with them more than his own toys, it's just a toss up if he likes them on his own feet.

And anything that is NOT a toy or could potentially be dangerous...he wants and throws a tantrum to try to get it.

Tantrum begins

Temper part of the Tantrum

He's an amazing son...perfect our my eyes. I can't imagine what our life was like before him, although if I could... I wouldn't change it for the world. He's our everything. Our happy 11 month old little boy.

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