Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gabriel: 19 Months Old!

Saying "chee" then smiling in front of the tree

  Age: 19 months

Weight/Length: 33lb/35in. 

Size: 2t,3t & now some 4t... My big little boy!

Teeth: 14. He just got his two upper cuspids (aka vampire teeth) & the bottom two are about to pop through.

Sleeping: He's a champ when it comes to sleeping. He usually goes to bed around 11:15pm and wakes up around 11:00 am. At daycare he takes a 1 1/2 hour nap and on our days off he takes around a 3-4 hour nap.

Eating: He still loves his milk and prefers that to anything else. He's starting to get more picky and wanting more snacks vs. actual meals. What he likes some days he hates the next. But consistently he likes chili, spaghetti, mac 'n cheese, goldfish... and jello.

Walking, running, crawling, climbing....NONSTOP movement!
Milestones: He is doing well verbally as well as following simple commands. If you ask him to go get his shoes to go bye bye he'll get them then climb onto your lap so you can put them on. Then he'll go get his coat and have you put it on then he'll stand by the door and wait. Sometimes he'll say bye bye, other's he'll say letsgo. Tonight I asked him to go sit on a present and say cheese. I wasn't expecting him to do so but he came around the corner sat on a present and tried to say cheese while making a funny face, then actually smiled for me. *See picture above* It's getting easier to deal with him, because before it was like taking care of a walking baby... but something clicked and it's progressively getting easier to treat him less like a baby and more like a child. He does still have times where he gets frustrated when he wants something but can't figure out how to tell us what it he whines. But those are getting less frequent, thankfully... 

Favorite Toys: Tigger. He never goes anywhere without Tigger--including to stores, the bathroom, bed, daycare, to eat... literally everywhere. See below---
Sleeping with Tigger

Dislikes: Getting something taken away from him. If he gets into trouble he usually will hit or scream at one of us...then throw a huge tantrum and make a huge production out of it. Quite annoying and humorous at the same time.

Words/sounds: He's made a lot of progress in the past month. I think he's picked up around 8 more words/phrases. Tonight he's been walking around saying cheeee (cheese) and smiling. He also started saying let's go (but it's kinda meshed together). When he loves something that he's eating he'll also just go MmmmMmmm over and over again.
Reading US a book...

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