Sunday, December 18, 2011

Because I'm bored :)

So I'm curious and didn't do this with Gabe...I'm gonna go through all the OWT (old wives' tales) to see which ones actually matched up with Miss Kellie.

Old Wives Tale #4:  Heart Rate: Correct. Her lowest HR was 145bpm at the u/s (she was sleeping most of the time), otherwise she is normally 155-165bpm consistently.

Old Wives Tale #12:  Shape of Belly: Correct. With Gabe I carried all out front, couldn't even tell I was pregnant from behind, and he was always wayyyy down low. With Kellie, she is wayyyyy up high and I'm carrying her EVERYWHERE.
Old Wives Tale #13:  Ring Test: Never tried this one.  
Old Wives Tale #14:  Shape of Mom’s Face: Correct--My face got much rounder. Right now I look like a fat blimp because my face is so "round" haha.... 
Old Wives Tale #15:  Key Test: I pick up the key from the bottom (although I didn't realize this could be an OWT) Correct.
Old Wives Tale #16:  Mayan Tale: My age (24) plus the year (2010)= even number, so correct!
Old Wives Tale #17:  Drano Test: Didn't have drano around the house, so didn't try this one.
Old Wives Tale #18:  Acne: I had acne with DS too, but this time it's gotten way worse. Correct.
Old Wives Tale #19:  Cravings: Correct. This little girl loves her fruits (and fruit by the foot)
Old Wives Tale #20:  Smell of Garlic: Well since I can't stand the smell of it....I didn't try eating a whole clove of it....
Old Wives Tale #21:  Ultrasound: It's a denying it! :-)
Old Wives Tale #22:  Skin under Left Eye: Correct. I just tried it haha...
Old Wives Tale #23:  Previous Kids: Gabe's first word was momma, so this one is correct!
Old Wives Tale #24:  Wooden Spoon, Scissors, and Pink Bows: Didn't try it.... sounds kinda weird!
Old Wives Tale #25:  History of Parent’s Kids: incorrect. If this was true I would have had a girl first then a boy... What's cool is with my mom and her mom they all had alternating sex of the baby. And always started with a girl. So maybe our last and final will be a boy!
Old Wives Tale #26:  Time of Conception: Correct. I'm not aggressive in bed at all, haha...
Old Wives Tale #27:  Legs: My legs I think are a little bigger...Not quite sure (I've alwas had thunder thighs) so I'm thinking this one is incorrect.
Old Wives Tale #28:  Moodiness and a Little Pecker: I am actually less moody then I was with my pregnancy with DS. But I'm still pretty darn moody. So it's correct for Kellie, not correct for Gabe.
Old Wives Tale #29:  Bread: Correct. I hate the ends of the bread.
Old Wives Tale #30:  Chinese Gender Chart: Says girl... so correct!
Old Wives Tale #31:  Mom’s Beauty: I think this is correct. At least I feel so much I probably really look it too.
Old Wives Tale #32:  Dream of Sex of Baby: incorrect. With Gabe I only had boy dreams, with this one I only had girl dreams
Old Wives Tale #33:  Clumsy vs. Graceful: I guess the truth will play out during the winter season, but so far correct. I fell constantly with Gabe... haven't with this one yet.
Old Wives Tale #34:  Toddlers: Correct. Makes sense too, Gabe has been so clingy to me here recently.
Old Wives Tale #35:  Side You Most Rest On: Incorrect. I usually always prefer my left side, but I turn to my right every once in awhile.
Old Wives Tale #36:  Hands: Don't know. Never tried it.
Old Wives Tale #37:  Dad’s Weight Gain: kinda correct??? Everytime he puts a pound on, he sheds it just as fast.
Old Wives Tale #38:  Breast Test: Correct. My left breast is larger right now.
Old Wives Tale #39:  Necklace Over Hand: Didn't do it.
Old Wives Tale #40:  What Do You Think?: Correct...for both of my children. I guess I have really good mommy instincts.
Old Wives Tale #41:  Morning Sickness: Correct...again for both pregnancies. I never had an ounce of nausea or morning sickness with Gabe. I did, however, have it with this one. Ugh...
Old Wives Tale #42:  Areolae: Correct. They are the same color as before pregnancy :)
Old Wives Tale #43:  Protein: Correct. I'm craving anything BUT meat and cheese. Ick! I do, however, love milk I did with Gabe. 
old-wives-talesOld Wives Tale #44:  Feet: Correct. My feet have pretty much stayed the same, some days they feel so hot though.
Old Wives Tale #45:  Hair on Legs: incorrect. My hair on my legs is growing like weeds.
Old Wives Tale #46:  Hands are Dry: Incorrect. My hands are always dry.
Old Wives Tale #47:  Urine: Correct. It's been dull yellow for awhile now.
Old Wives Tale #48:  Nose: Correct. My nose looks the same.
Old Wives Tale #49:  Headaches: Correct. I actually haven't really had a headache since being pregnant.
Old Wives Tale #51:  Baby Names: Correct for both children. We only had Gabe's name picked out when we found out we were pregnant with him. Same with Kellie... if she were to be a boy it would have probably been Gabe #2 (haha, kidding...we would have chosen a name eventually)
***Also I did the Gender Prediction test...and it said Girl... so that was correct as well!

28: girl 4: boy.... So I guess they weren't tales this time after all! :-) haha, just kidding... I know there is no way to determine the sex of the baby just by this.

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