Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weekly Check-In: 33 Weeks!


How far along: 
33 weeks
How big is baby: Honeydew
Baby's keeping her eyes open while awake. She's also starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing.

Total weight gain:
+22.5 pounds
Maternity clothes?
Belly button in or out?
OUT and it hurts... I seem to catch it on almost everything!
What's sleep again??? I wake up to go to the bathroom about every hour to hour and a half... I have to roll over every 30 minutes or my arms fall asleep. It's a battle to get this stuff they call sleep.
Best moment this week: 
Getting new maternity clothes! I finally have shirts that cover my belly again.
Food Cravings: 
None really. Milk... I love milk when I'm pregnant!
Food Aversions:
Carbonated beverages.
Insomnia, lower back and hip pain (to the point where I can't walk in the morning), crazy dreams, hemorrhoids, and all the other usuals. Heartburn is back with a vengeance...even taking zantac twice a day--I'm still having to pop but hopefully that means she has just as much or MORE hair then our Gabriel did. :-) She has hiccups all.the.time!!!! Also started having BH contractions...and some real ones too.
She's my strong crazy girl. She usually keeps my belly looking all crazy and lopsided. She loves curling into the left side, but I don't get much kicks anymore because she's SOOOO BIG. So I usually just see her movements and feel her rolling moving legs and arms. She has TONS of hiccups, which Gabe had a lot of them too. I don't remember Gabe's being sooo powerful, because hers hurt sometimes. 

Miss Kellie Rain
What I'm looking forward to: 
Gabe's reaction to his sister. He loves babies, and I think he knows one is coming soon. 

What I miss: 
Sleep, Energy, Fitting into clothes....

One month until full term (which is when I delivered Gabe) and 7 weeks until due date! It's going by so fast!
Next appointment: 
April 2nd @ 11am!!! :-)

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