Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly Check-In: 31 weeks (2 days late) oops...


How far along: 
31 weeks
How big is baby: Pineapple!
SHe's about 15.2 to 16.7 inches long and weighs about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds this month. She's getting so big, she's probably crowding your lungs. 

Total weight gain:
+26 pounds
Maternity clothes?
Belly button in or out?
It sucks. Plain and simple. Luckily, when I do get comfortable enough to stay sleep I usually don't wake up until Gabe wakes me up in the morning. But I have insomnia bad and I used to go to bed around it's more like 3 and sometimes 4, so I'm exhausted a lot of the time.
Best moment this week: 
Less than 10 weeks. This week makes it only 6 weeks (5 1/2 now) until I hit the "full term" mark and 9 (8 1/2) until my EDD, which I doubt I'll make it to. Soooo....less then two months until I meet the little one! YAY! 
Food Cravings: 
I've kind of grown out of the oreo vaccination. But I don't really have a replacement.
Food Aversions:
Carbonated beverages. Others come and go on a day to day basis. 
Insomnia, lower back and hip pain (to the point where I can't walk in the morning), crazy dreams, hemorrhoids, and all the other usuals. No more heartburn as I was approved to take Zantac. I have to take one in the morning and one before bed to combat this heartburn, but hopefully that means she has just as much or MORE hair then our Gabriel did. :-)
She's my strong crazy girl. She usually keeps my belly looking all crazy and lopsided. She loves curling into the left side, but I don't get much kicks anymore because she's SOOOO BIG. So I usually just see her movements and feel her rolling moving legs and arms. She has TONS of hiccups, which Gabe had a lot of them too. I don't remember Gabe's being sooo powerful, because hers hurt sometimes. 

Okay...since I never really felt this with Gabe, I was wondering if anyone else was feeling this sometimes. So Kellie's head is pretty engaged, I feel like I'm walking with a watermelon between my legs. But if I squat down/bend over, I feel these pops down there--like inside. It's almost like her water is bubbling up around her head. It's so weird feeling and sounding. 
Miss Kellie Rain
What I'm looking forward to: 
Lots of things actually. I'm looking forward to meeting baby girl in just two short months...well hopefully short. I'm looking forward to being able to play and run around with Gabe again. I'm looking forward to sleeping on my tummy/back. I'm looking forward for this just to be over so we can get into our routine...
What I miss: 
Definitely still playtime with Gabe. And it's so hard to put him to bed anymore :( And that was our special time... I'm in the mindset that I'm a huge fat whale with feet. And I have a feeling I'm going to feel like that for awhile. I've already had to buy BIGGER maternity clothes because my belly kept showing. Ugh...
I'm in the last 10 weeks. And almost 8 months pregnant!
Next appointment: 
March 19th, 2012 @ 11am

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