Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekly Check-In: 30 Weeks! 3/4 done!


How far along: 
30 weeks
How big is baby: English Cucumber...
At 30 weeks, she’s not just moving a lot, she’s also plumping up. And as she continues to put pressure on your digestive system, you’re going to feel the effects: hemorrhoids, heartburn, pelvic pain and frequent urination are all common at this stage in the game.

Total weight gain:
+26 pounds
Maternity clothes?
Belly button in or out?
Lets not talk about this topic, mmmm kay?
Best moment this week: 
Making it to week 30? I don't really have a best most per say. Ummm, well today I got an email that her carseat cover has been shipped. That's super exciting. 
Food Cravings: 
Oreos. This little girl LOVES them. :) 
Food Aversions:
Carbonated beverages. Others come and go on a day to day basis. Oh I'm not sure if it's necessarily an aversion, because I'm not eating it, but left over foods make me gag...just looking at them. Blech!
Insomnia, lower back and hip pain (to the point where I can't walk in the morning), crazy dreams, hemorrhoids, and all the other usuals. No more heartburn as I was approved to take Zantac. I have to take one in the morning and one before bed to combat this heartburn, but hopefully that means she has just as much or MORE hair then our Gabriel did. :-)
I'm pretty sure she's going to bust out of my belly at any time. I don't remember Gabe moving this much, but I can almost grab a foot and hold onto it. She is constantly sticking some body part out for me to rub. Oh and I think she's head down, because I feel her hiccups in the netherlands... which is kinda weird to feel vibrations down there coming from the inside.
Miss Kellie Rain
What I'm looking forward to: 
SLEEP!!! I know... that's kinda selfish. But I miss being able to sleep comfortably. I understand I won't get much sleep after she's born, but I can actually SLEEP because I'll be able to lay on my stomach again. It was this way with Gabe too... I remember just waiting to be able to lay on my stomach again, which was hard afterwards because of my big boobs, and when my milk came in... but if not my stomach, then my back. I hate side sleeping.
What I miss: 
Not feeling so exhausted. I wish I could give 100% to Gabe again. I love our cuddles, which we still do a lot...but not very comfortably. I miss having the energy to get up and run and play with him. It takes me 10 minutes to get up off the floor...
3/4 the way done! And even better...I'm not stuck at home! Doctor says I'm doing great, he is concerned about my BP though, even thought at the last appt. (Monday) it wasn't too high, but maybe too high while on BP meds. Not sure. I'm starting the every 2 week appt. now :) And soon it'll be weekly! Then we'll have a baby girl to love on. 
Next appointment: 
March 19th, 2012 @ 11am

30 Week Bump!

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