Thursday, March 8, 2012

Carseat Cover!

I'm super excited! The carseat cover I ordered from SassyStork came in today! I'm sooo in love with it! Here are some pictures!

I ordered the "Deluxe" version which includes the car seat cover, headrest, strap covers, canopy, and the handle pad. I also requested that the inside of the canopy be lined with material as well! Overall, I'm in love with it...if you haven't figured that out yet! I placed my order on the 22nd and I received it today, which is awesome in itself, as I wasn't expecting it until April-ish. She is a stay at home mommy, and she is amazing with her customers. So if your looking for a custom carseat cover--go to her! She can pretty much make everything possible! :-) Or at least she did for me!

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