Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekly Check-In: 29 Weeks


How far along: 
28 weeks
How big is baby: Acorn Squash
At 29 weeks, she’s not just moving a lot, she’s also plumping up. And as she continues to put pressure on your digestive system, you’re going to feel the effects: hemorrhoids, heartburn, pelvic pain and frequent urination are all common at this stage in the game.

Total weight gain:
+22 pounds
Maternity clothes?
Belly button in or out?
Absolutely sucks. No other way to explain it. And I really don't get up and pee except MAYBE once a night--if I had drank a large amount of water before bed. It's the fact that my hips hurt so extremely bad that I literally can't roll over from my right side-to back-to left side. I end up feeling like they are going to be torn apart--so instead if I'm on my right side, I roll onto my belly and get on my hands and knees at the same time, then plop to my left side. I'm sure it's quite funny to watch, but it's very painful for me. 
Best moment this week: 
Passing my 3-hour GTT; Whoot Whoot, no gestational diabetes! Oh and my anemia has stabilized so I won't need a blood transfusion or anything crazy like that. I also got her synthetic diapers prepped and put in her changing table... just have to prep her natural fiber diaps--and we'll be set. *The reason I haven't prepped her natural fiber diapers yet is because it's a LONG process. I have to wash and dry them 5x in order for the natural oils to be washed off the fibers, with 6-8 washed being when they are at their highest absorbency. Synthetic fabric/fibers don't have these oils, which is why I got them done, since you have to just wash and dry them to be prepped.
Food Cravings: 
Oreos. This little girl LOVES them. :) 
Food Aversions:
Carbonated beverages. Others come and go on a day to day basis. Oh I'm not sure if it's necessarily an aversion, because I'm not eating it, but left over foods make me gag...just looking at them. Blech!
Growing belly, lots and lots of movement, Food cravings/aversions, fatigue, insomnia, nesting
Constant movement! I think she's head down, but sometimes I'm not sure because I'll feel a kick in 3 different places. It's almost like she is kicking me in each side of the ribs with both legs then I'll feel her head bump up against my cervix. Or at least that's what I think is happening. She's a crazy girl!
Miss Kellie Rain
What I'm looking forward to: 
Truthfully....not being pregnant anymore. I'm just about done. My back hurts constantly, my legs are horribly swollen and my hands are getting bad too. Im so tired... ugh, I just want to meet her!
What I miss: 
Sleep, comfort, not feeling like a beached whale.
My biggest milestone is that I'm not on bed rest yet. I was on bed rest with Gabriel at 28 weeks until I delivered at 37 weeks when I was induced.
Next appointment: 
March 5th, 2012 @ 11am

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