Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekly Check-In: 25 Weeks


How far along: 
25 weeks
How big is baby: Eggplant (seems more reasonable then a grapefruit)
Maybe you’re getting nervous about delivery, or maybe it’s your haywire hormones, but you might start to have trouble sleeping around week 25. This is a common complaint of many moms-to-be. Experiment with different strategies for getting some sleep.

Total weight gain:
+14.5 pounds (Probably more than that, but I don't like weighing myself at home)
Maternity clothes?
Belly button in or out?
Each night is different. Some days I fall asleep so quickly, others I toss and turn all night long. If I can just get into this one perfect's lights out.
Best moment this week:
Getting her crib and mattress in the mail (I actually think it was delivered last week)... and even though it's not baby related: tax time :) *It actually is baby related because it means I get to get all her nursery stuff ordered next Wednesday (if it truly deposits like it says it's suppose to) which means that
Food cravings: 
Food....anything that has to do with food.
Food aversions: 
Carbonated drinks, everything else is fair game.
growing belling, food aversions/cravings, movement, fatigue, and swelling.
Tons of movement! All day long it seems like. Sometimes she is breech others she is head down. She does flips multiple times a day, it's crazy!
Miss Kellie Rain
What I'm looking forward to: 
Passing my GTT in 2 weeks; then will be starting every two week appt. here soon!!!! 15 weeks until my due date! I just want to snuggle her and I can't wait until Gabriel meets her.
What I miss: 
Not feeling so fat, being able to sleep better, and not feeling so worn out and lazy.
Hearing her heartbeat, starting to feel movement, finding out it's a healthy, but shy little girl; Viability Day!
Next appointment: 
February 16th @ 9:40am---My glucose appt.... I hope I pass!

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