Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Doctor Appointments, Sick Toddler, & Anatomy Scan--oh my!!!

Both Gabe and I had our check-up's today. Gabe had his 18 month check-up and I had my 15 week check-up.

I was worried about Gabe's speech because he only speaks a few words/phrases consistantly right now: daddy, oh dear, uh oh, no, and wiggle. He does say a few other words, but I've never heard him repeat them again or he won't use them but maybe once every week or two. Dr thinks all is well... after all he did have his tongue-tie surgery and tubes put in his ears only a month ago--therefore, he has to learn to talk all over again. It makes complete sense, but sometimes my nurse mode kicks in and says "the norm is 10 words at 18 months and he's not in the norm" blah blah blah. Anyway, Dr. thinks he's a happy, healthy, smart, little boy. He weighed in at 31.4lb & 34 1/2 inches tall. Alot smaller than I thought he was (he's HEAVY) and is in the 95%ile...which makes me one happy momma.

He does, however, have croup. He had it when he was 6 months old (a year ago to the week that he had it last time). Luckily, it's not as bad as last time and he only had to be put on predinsolone for a few days.

Doctor says I'm doing great. HR for baby was 148bpm and my uterus is measuring right at 15 weeks. I was figuring that he would schedule my U/S around the 6ish of Dec. because that's what GA he sent me in for with DS... but alas he wants it done around 18 weeks. I got into an argument with the scheduling lady because the Dr. put on my invoice sheet that he wanted it done in late Dec. but before Christmas. So she was going to schedule it for the 23rd of December. I told her he said I could have it when I was 18 weeks pregnant. She then got her little pregnancy wheel out and said well the 16th of December you'll be about 22 weeks pregnant. I said "uhh no.... the 16th I'll be 18w2d pregnant" she then said well she had the wheel so she saw it on there. I just shut up, but it's scheduled for the 16th of Dec @ 2pm.

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