Friday, July 15, 2011

Update on ENT appointment...

Gabe went to the ENT specialist. Verdict: surgery. But not what we went there for. They won't do surgery on the frenulum connecting his upper lip to his gums because it could mess up how his adult teeth grow in. the specialist also said it won't cause problems with his speech, like we thought it may. He will need to see a pediatric dentist to determine if it will need to eventually be cut after his adult teeth come in. But he has to get his tongue snipped, because he is "tongue-tied" (Ankyloglossia) as well as an adenoidectomy & possible tonsilectomy due to the adenoids being 5x larger than normal and tonsils 2x larger than normal (but they aren't infected). He said the reason why he also keeps his mouth open is because the adenoids are so large it blocks off his airway to his nose. He also said the reason why he has trouble eating "normal" food (anything that's not easily dissolved or purees) and usually spits it out, because he isn't able to swallow it. He also has had fluid in his ears since he went to the the doctor 3 weeks ago for that high fever, but the ANP told us it wasn't an ear infection...and apparently it was. So he was put on antibiotics, and has a re-eval in 2 months to see if the fluid is still behind his ears. If it is then he will also get tubes in his ears along with the adenoidectomy (possible tonsilectomy) and getting his tongue-tie snipped.
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