Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's been awhile...

a very long while.

Gabe turned 14 months on Monday.... where did that time go? It's already been two months since his birthday. Why does time go by so slow when your wanting to grow up fast, yet so fast when your wanting it to slow down. It doesn't make any sense... and I don't like it one bit.

Today, Gabe is going to see a ENT specialist. He has a high palate and a labial frenulum. Basically, he has a piece of tissue that connects his upper lip to his upper gums. This can cause problems such as latching on (in infancy--he had a HUGE problem with this) and speaking. It's about a 1/4 of an inch wide and attaching in between his two front teeth.

At this consult we will find out if he will need to have surgery to fix it or not. I know it'll be outpatient. It'll be quick. But it still scares me. He'll be put under with anesthesia, which scares me even more. He'll have stitches, at only 1 year old. And that makes me sad. But we'll get through it, as always.

In other news, Gabe is pretty much the funniest kid I know. He loves to make you bust up laughing, and will do the silliest things to make you laugh. And once you laugh, then he starts laughing his butt off too. He's quite the comedian. He's also quite the drummer and dancer as well. He seems to be good at many things. It seems like every day he comes up with a new dance move. He thinks Disco Mickey is a hoot, and will laugh his butt off while dancing with him.

These past few months his personality has really shown through. He is great at temper tantrums, but they are quickly over when I start laughing about them and he joins in the laughter. He is great at cuddling when I need a hug. And he's amazing at entertainment. He's a lovable little boy, that has stole our hearts completely.

He thinks little newborns at adorable and will "pet" their legs or arms, and try to make them make "indian" noises with his hand and their mouths. He thinks newborn puppies are funny and will laugh hysterically at them. He thinks grass is the best stuff to walk in and still can't figure out why it "feels" the way it does, it seems to amaze him everytime.

He has now started throwing Wiggles' toys for him to fetch, and then chases poor Wiggles around the house, all the while laughing hysterically while Wiggles' runs for his life. He also thinks its funny to put on and take off baseball hats repeatedly. He won't keep them on longer then a few seconds, but he will do it 100x in a row.

His language is quite garbled right now, but it sounds like he can say I love you, Hi, Bye, Dog, No, Mama, Baba, Daddy, What, Huh, Uh oh.

I'll update as soon as I know more after his consult tomorrow. Otherwise, he is a great, happy, healthy, and amazing toddler!

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