Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh the funny things you do!

Gabe has been coming up with all sorts of funny things this week. Every day it's something new!

Monday: Sippy's start, bottles are washed and put away forever.

Tuesday: We pick him up from daycare and as I'm carrying him to the car, he starts waving and saying "hi-ya". He does this all the way home. When we get home he starts to RUN up to us, waves and says "Hi-ya" then runs off laughing. He will do this over and over and over again until put to bed.

Wednesday: He starts saying "bye"... Yay for new words!

Thursday: He walks around with his hat saying "it's daddys!" then laughing. I think its his way of telling a joke? I'm not sure. He's slightly obsessed with Josh's hat. I'm thinking its time to get him a tapout hat as well. 

He goes and looks in the mirror, and says "its daddy, hi-ya daddy". Wow, okay.... Yes, child you are a complete replica of your daddy, and look identical to him. Glad you figured that out, haha. 

Wonder what the end of the week will bring. Oh and vaca starts Saturday night :) Can I get a whoot whoot? No, okay well at least I tried.

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