Saturday, July 30, 2011

I have the worst luck....

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI'll start by saying that technology absolutely hates me. And if you think I'm joking, well, I'm not. I swear I need to keep 15 thousand back ups of any type of picture, video, document, etc. And that may not even be enough.

A few months ago, I got an e-mail from UPS. Yes, it was in the spam folder, but I was expecting a package, so I figured it went there by accident. The e-mail states that my package has been sent out and will be delivered in 3 days (which is what the person had told me to expect). It then said to "click here" for the tracking number. So I did. And vola!.....bye bye pictures, videos, documents, etc.

I had two people recover MOST of my pictures of Gabe's ultrasounds, my belly pics, and ALL of the pictures I've taken of him from birth to his birthday party. As well as pictures of Josh & I, Wiggles, family and other random things that mean stuff to us. The documents were also recovered. The videos....not so much. Gabe's birth video, his first nursing assessment video, first Christmas, first crawling, first walking... you get the jist. All gone. And they still are. I have them, but they are corrupt. Unplayable. I plan on talking to a computer whiz, and hopefully they can recover them, at probably a very high cost. But what's 300+ dollars actually worth when it comes to getting those memories back? A penny to me.

Fast forward to today. I keep everything saved to an external hard drive. The same external hard drive that Josh tries to plug into the computer and doesn't turn on. {enter panic mode}. I call my friend, whos pretty much a genius when it comes to computers. Apparently, the USB port that plugs into the silly thing, is messed up. Yay.... So I go and buy an identical one for 70 bucks. We He takes them apart, and switches out the USB adapters, put them back together...and vola! It works... thankfully.

So now, I also need to make DVD copies of ALL my pictures, as well as download them to a site that will hold them.

Told you, technology hates me.

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