Saturday, January 21, 2012


So Gabriel's nursery went from just browns/blues with lots of moose (that's his nickname--which suits him well) to Dino's. Brown, Lime Green, Orange, Turquoise....very vibrant. He loves his room. And he growls like a dino too! :)

For Kellie...we are doing cupcakes. Before I dreamed I would have her nursery in nothing but pink.... and I mean everything in pink. And then I came across this bedding set:

Trend Lab Cupcake Bedding Set

...and I fell in love with it. I mean it's pink, but it has some pretty blue nd green in it as well. Sqeeeee!!!! I'm super excited! So that's the theme we are going for.

We are getting these matching items as well:



Picture Frames
This will be her crib (which is exactly like Gabe's, only white instead of cherry):

AFG Nadia 3-n-1 Crib
 And this is going to be her changing station:

Badger Basket 6 drawer Changing station
It has all the areas that I can organize her diapers :) SQEEEEEEEEEEeee I'm super excited!

We still have yet to pick out a dresser, but we will when we find one eventually. So there you have it. The plans have began...and now we just need to start ordering the stuff.

Also, I made a hair bow/ headband holder (and plan to make one more, since one isn't big enough to hold it all!!!) which matches her room:

Empty (sorry for the quality it's a cell picture)

Bow Holder Full (again another cell picture)


  1. Really?!?! I thought you were gonna get the damask and pink one! :-) great minds think alike!

  2. We were but saw this one and changed our minds haha

    1. Awesome!!!! I ended up seeing another one lol and changed my mind now! the joy's of pregnancy. Just have to nest to make it perfect!