Monday, October 24, 2011

2nd Doctor's Appt & Mr. Gabers....

Had our second appt. today. It came and went quickly. I am up 3 pounds :( But I guess that's not too bad for almost being out of first trimester huh? My blood pressure is perfect at 114/70. And I'm guessing no protein in my urine, or they would have said something. So, so far so good with no pre-eclampsia this pregnancy. Of course, it wouldn't appear this soon anyway, but I'm keeping my hopes up.

Dr. P had to chance the little one around to finally corner it and get a good heartbeat. It was kinda funny. It was beating nice and strong at 174 bpm. Absolutely perfect. No anatomy scan scheduled yet. We go back on 11-22 for our 15 week check-up and will schedule it then. Boooo... haha, I want to know what is growing inside of me already. Oh well, I guess I can wait a tad bit longer.

Josh & Gabe came along for the ride this time, since something other than a pap and pelvic was going to happen. Dr. P also checked Gabe over, since he's been running a 103 degree fever. No ear infections or red throat, and lungs are clear. Just a virus, that's been spreading like wild fire.

Poor Gabe. I feel so horrible for him when he's sick. He just lays around and whines. No playing, no eating. And mostly sleeping. He woke up crying around 8am this morning, and laid with me on the couch until my appt. Then went right to bed around 11:15am. He woke up around 1:30ish and he's back down again at 2:45pm. He doesn't do well sickly. Lets just hope it only last until tonight, and tomorrow he's back to himself... I really don't want to have to take off work. He had it yesterday, so I'm thinking it's probably a 48-72 hour bug. But we'll see.

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