Monday, September 24, 2012

Menu Monday!

Okay, so I'm getting a little better, eh? Well, I'm trying anyway. Today I'm going to start a new weekly blog post called Menu Monday. I got the idea from a blog I follow: Blessings, Miracles, & Thoughts in Between. So here it is:

Monday: Chicken & Scallop Cajun Fettuccine Alfredo (yum!)
--It's actually suppose to be shrimp, but...I hate shrimp, so I'm substituting with Chicken!
Tuesday: Chili
--I'm so excited it's started to get more and more chilly outside, because I love me some soup. And Gabriel LOVES Chili!
Wednesday: Salsa Chicken Wraps
--Delish! And so easy to make!
Thursday: Leftovers!
--I'm sure we will have all sorts of leftovers from the Chili & Salsa Chicken! *I like to cook for 20 and often forget I'm only cooking for 3. Womp Womp...
Friday: Tuna Noodle Casserole
--super easy to make and throw in the fridge for Josh to cook right before I get home on lunch break!
Saturday: Leftovers!
--Remember how I said I usually cook for 20??? Yep, we frequently have lots of leftovers.
Sunday: Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon
--Haven't tried this yet, but it sounds yummy! My parents went to Alaska on vacation, thus I have lots of salmon and halibut! *and some game meats too--bear, moose, buffalo!*  :)

So, that's what we're having this week! What are you gonna eat? Also, I will post pictures and recipes on each of my days if anyone wants to try them out! (The whole 10 people who follow me that is, haha.)

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