Thursday, September 20, 2012

A day in the life of our family!

Okay, so I pretty much suck. At blogging that is. I even vowed to blog on my vacation, and still didn't/haven't. Oh are used to it by now. I'm currently tallying up how many words Gabriel can say now. I swear every day a new one pops up. It's crazy how much he can talk now...and even putting sentences together. I think I'm going to have to do a post on just one day of his conversations just to show you how well he can talk and how many funny things he says. But for now, I wanted to show you just how crazy our "schedule" is, and thus why I hardly ever blog.
4:50am--Josh wakes up for work
5:30am--Kellie wakes up to nurse
5:45am--Kellie falls back to sleep
9:15am--Gabriel comes into our room and wakes us up for the day
9:30am--Change Gabriel & Kellie's Diapers
9:45am--Turn on cartoons and lay Kellie down on her piano mat for playtime
10:00am--Josh comes home on break; cook breakfast
10:30am--Nurse Kellie; feed her a veggie and fruit
10:45am--Naptime for Kellie
11:00-12:30pm--cook lunch and supper; play with Gabriel; clean the house
12:45--Eat lunch, nurse Kellie
1:00pm--Take a shower with two kids, get them dressed for the day
1:15pm--snack time for Gabriel
1:30pm--nurse Kellie to sleep
1:40pm--Pack up the kiddos and leave to meet Josh at work
2:30pm-4:30/5pm--Kiddos take a nap
(2:00pm-6:00pm--I'm at work/4:30pm--I pump)
6:20pm--nurse Kellie; feed her a veggie and fruit
6:45pm--Give the kiddos a quick bath and in pj's
7:00pm--I go back to work, Kiddo's play/watch cartoons
8:00pm--Gabriel eats a snack
9:00pm--Kellie has a bottle/I pump at work
9:15pm--Kellie takes a nap, Gabriel watches a cartoon
10:30pm--I come home from work, Josh goes to bed, I nurse Kellie
10:50pm--Gabriel goes to bed (kicking and screaming usually); I lay down with him or sit on his bed while rocking Kellie and singing lullabies
11:30pm--all kids are (hopefully) asleep and I watch my T.V. shows
12:30am-1:00am--I go to sleep

And then it starts all over again. Blech....I wish our schedule was better, but right now thats how it is. Busy huh???

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