Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kellie Rain’s Birth Story

A Little Backstory

At 18 weeks I was diagnosed with PIH (pregnancy-induced hypertension). I was placed on blood pressure medications and monitored my blood pressure at home twice a day. My blood pressure would spike up a little, but nothing that was worrisome. That is until Tuesday, May 1st. I started to feel woozy, lethargic, and was getting headaches. I had taken my blood pressure and it was elevated, but eventually went down after I took an extra BP medication. As the hours past, it slowly creeped up--and even extra medication wouldn't keep it down longer then an hour or two. Wednesday it was 166/104. I was stubborn and waited until Thursday morning to call my doctor and get an appointment. The main reason I waited was because my doctor had been out of town the previous weekend and wouldn't be back in the office until Thursday, and since he knows my history with pre-eclampsia, PIH, and postpartum hemorrhage--I wanted him to deal with me.

The beginning of the end of Kellie's Pregnancy

At 8am on Thursday morning, May 3rd, I called the doctor’s office and asked to talk to a nurse. I told the nurse my symptoms and asked to see Dr. P. The nurse got me in, but Dr. P was booked so I was scheduled to see Dr. S at 9:30am. I went in and my blood pressure was 144/94 (which was 1 1/2 hours after I took my medication, so it shouldn't be that high), and I was symptomatic for pre-eclampsia—which I had with Gabe. Dr. S notified Dr. P of my blood pressure, and Dr. P came in right away. He did a quick assessment, checked my cervix (which hadn’t changed since Monday, April 30th), and told me we would be having a baby that day. He asked me when I would be able to arrive at the hospital so he could notify the nurses and start the orders. I still needed to pack our suitcase (Yes...I know last minute), take a shower, Josh needed to get ready, and we needed to wait until my mom and step-dad could get to the hospital--so my mom could be there for the birth and my step-dad could watch Gabriel. I told him I could be there between 1-2 pm. I then called my mom and told her to head our way, it was 2 1/2 hours from where she was. 

Arriving at the Hospital
We showed up at the hospital at 1:20pm, got checked in and settled into room, and started with the millions of admission questions. Labor & Delivery was busy, so it took a while for me to get my IV, labs, and all that good stuff. By 3:30pm my IV had been put in and the Pitocin had been started. I was already having contractions, but they didn’t amount to anything. 

Waiting for my IV
My board...

Waiting for something to happen!!!
The Start of Labor

Around 4:30pm they were getting intense. Josh rubbed my lower back during each contraction to help with the pain. The nurse came back in and checked me at 5:30pm and I had increased to 4cm (from 3cm 50% effaced—like I had been since 36 weeks), but still 50% effaced and -3 station. She asked if I wanted an epidural and I told her not yet—that I didn’t feel like I was in too much pain, but may change my mind in an hour or so. The nurse then came back an hour later, and checked me and I was 5cm 50% effaced, and -2 station. I requested the epidural. I received the epidural at 7pm and felt instant relief. I was soooo happy.

"This shit hurts...enough said"

I love you epirdural!

Okay....I must have been feeling really good!!!
My mountain peak contractions

Almost Ready!!!
At 8:45 they checked my cervix and I was 8cm, 100%, and -2 station, and my water was bulging. The nurse notified the doctor, and he said he was on his way. At 9:40pm he came in and said I was 10cm, 100% effaced, and still a -2 station, but my water sac was actually hanging out—so he grabbed ahold of it and tried to break it with just his fingers, but needed the amnihook to tear the sac because it was thick. They, the doctor and nurse, went and got all the supplies and told me to practice push to help get her down lower. I pushed through one contraction and was told to stop. We, the nurse, mom, Josh, and I had bets on what time she would come and how much she would weigh. When we did the practice push the nurse said that she would definitely be here before Josh’s guess, which was 10:24pm. Mom’s guess was 10:15pm and my guess was 10:05pm…the nurse said she guessed between 10:05-10:15pm.

Let the Pushing Begin

The doctor came in and got gowned up and gloves on. My mom held my right leg and Josh held my left and at my next contraction they had me push….and her head came out. They had me stop, so they could suction out her mouth and nose, then they told me to grunt with baby pushes. I did that twice then got irritated, so I pushed and out came her shoulders. The doctor said, “well she’s definitely not as big as I thought she would be!”…I got to hold her for much longer than I got to with Gabriel, mainly because I didn’t have postpartum hemorrhaging. As Josh was cutting the cord she sarted peeing all over me and the doctor, which I think is kinda funny because the nurse kinda panicked and started grabbing for towels. After snuggling her and wiping her off, I let the nurse have her to check her over. She weighed 9lb 8.4oz and was 20 inches long. Her head was 14 inch circumference!

For now her nickname is monkey. She is super hairy! She’s got dark black hair on her shoulders, neck, back and ears.. she also has dark black hair—it’s fine on top and thick and long around the back and sides (she’s like an old man haha). She has been nursing like a champ ever since birth, but does have a sensitive tummy and doesn’t handle gas well—but she makes the cutest little puppy dog/pouty face. She is a pretty calm baby though—sleeps for 4-5 hours (for now I know) and only wimpers with gas. She does hate getting an outfit changed or diaper change, but who wants uncovered and made all cold? She does have some differences from Gabe. He was fussy 24 hours after/she isn’t so far, he hated the paci/she LOVES it, he hated being swaddled/SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES it!!!

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