Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Big changes are happening with this family!!!

And no, it has nothing to do with another child. {yes we plan on one more...in the future}

BUT! A few months ago we had decided to move, while we are only moving about an 1 1/2 away...it's going to be a big change. Well our deadline is closing in, and I put in my resume` to University of Missouri Women's and Children's Hospital. Their interviewing process is quite long.... usually takes 1- 1 1/2 months.

Well I went in for my first interview, with HR, last Wednesday and immediately following I got a call to go meet with the nursing supervisor of the OR dept. So we headed straight over (and by me, I mean Morgan {my bff}, both kiddos, and I) and I talked with her quite a bit. Then last Thursday, only a day after my first interview, I got a call for my phone interview and set it up for Monday 1/28 at 3pm.

The phone interview tests to see if you care for your job, are a friendly person, quick to get upset, etc. I was told to be quick and not hesitate and be very friendly and positive. It tested to see how well you would fit in and if you would be a good match with the rest of the team. I took that interview yesterday, and frankly, I was really unsure if I passed it. I honestly don't remember half of the questions or how I answered them. I remember talking about my kids a lot, which I was sure would probably hurt me. I remember talking about taking Gabriel to the park, making cupcakes with Gabriel, etc.... I do remember some of the silly questions, like "would you ever borrow an item from a friend?" "give me an example?", "when you get off work, how do you prefer to go home?" "what are your interests and hobbies?" I really wondered what any of that had to do with...really anything, but I answered quickly and to the best of my abilities.

And I guess I did well, because I got a call this morning setting up my last interview with the nurse manager of the OR dept. So Thursday at 11am I have my last and final interview. I don't want to jinx myself, so I'm not saying anything other than I really just have the formal processes to go through: physical, references, drug screen, making sure all my immunizations are up to date... things like that.

So...by the end of this week, it looks like I'll be good to go! Josh has his testing on Tuesday the 5th, and we will hopefully find something out within 3 weeks on him. Regarless, as long as I have a job we will be moving. We are looking for places around the 18th of February, and plan on moving the following weekend.

I'm sooooo excited, not only to move and start new, but to get an experience like the job that I soon {hopefully} will have.

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