Sunday, February 20, 2011

9 months, E.R. visit, and some other random thoughts...

You turned 9 months old this month Gabriel. 3/4 a year. Just a little bit longer, a measly 3 months (less now) and you'll be a toddler. No longer a baby. Of course, since you were about 6 months old it seems like you've been a toddler :) Your independent personality sticks you in there with them, along with your size, and how backwards you like to do things. On Valentine's day you went in for your 9 month check-up: Doctor said your right on track, your doing great, we can even start weening you onto whole milk... we are super excited. Your weight has decreased a bit you now way 25lb 13oz and are 30 3/4 inches long. You are in the 90-95th percentile for weight and above the 95th percentile for height. Your our amazing, growing boy. If it were up to you, you would skip crawling all together, but we are pushing you to try. You pulled yourself up to standing before you could even get into a sitting position by yourself. (Now you can do that though :) ). You've even stood a few times not holding on to anything while we just stare at you like "uh what the heck just happened?" You'll walk with us holding your hands, but get a little nervous if you are only holding one hand. You love to wrestle with your toys. You have 6 teeth now?!?!?! Hopefully we are done for a month or two :), you don't do well teething. Your a great sleeper, eater, talker, and player, but teething is not your thing. You've recently begun to try saying daddy now in the form of "deedee deedee" really fast which is quite amazingly cute.  When you don't want to be put don't you pull up your legs as far as you can get them, and just shriek and laugh. You fight with everything you have when something doesn't go your way, and I'm afraid you may have gotten that from me. Your an amazing 9 month old, the mere end of your infancy into toddlerhood. I'm excited and nervous and well, down right scared at the things that are to come, but I'm ready...I think.

February 19th your daddy picked you up from daycare, and noticed you were wheezing. He called me immediately, I was suppose to work a double shift that night. I told him to give you a warm bath with some vapor bath wash, and to call back if it didn't help...which it didn't. I called for a replacement nurse and came home to take you in to the ER. I was scared, I was crying...I was unsure of the unknown. I was freaking out, probably a little too much. But my nursing skills don't coincide with my mothering skills. I forget everything nursing (well not everything, but you get my drift) and go into complete mommy mode. My heart sank as I restrained you for the nasal suctioning, the chest x-ray, and the rocephin shot. I think the worst was the shot. They were trying to be nice and use a smaller gauge for your chunky little legs, but that caused them to have to push it harder, which in turn took longer. And 4cc of rocephin in a chunky little leg through a small bore needle is going to hurt no matter how much lidocaine they added to it.You got the rocephin shot maybe 5 minutes after I got you to fall asleep around 2am. The RSV test came back positive, along with the chest x-ray showing pneumonia in your lower left lobe. You's a sickly baby my dear. I hate when your sick, I'm sure every mother hates when their child is sick. But geesh, the past 5 months have gone like this :teething,croup,teething,teething,pneumonia,rsv, teething....its not been fun. And yes, teething is up there with him being sick. So anyways, back to your sickly self. You got a script for Zithromax, Albuterol Nebulizer treatments (which are made exclusively by the devil, just so you know) and discharge papers, thankfully.

Tonight, well like I said albuterol nebulizer treatments were made exclusively by the devil, you have been a terror. I cute terror, but a terror none the less. You screamed in my ear, clawed and pinched my face, and pulled my hair. I got you asleep finally at 12:15am, cuddled up in your moose blanket laying on my chest while I was sitting in bed singing whatever came to my mind at the time, because if I didn't...well I probably would have pulled my own hair out. But now, you are sleeping like the angel that I know you are...and I hope you wake up feeling much better then today, since you'll have a few notches of antibiotics under your belt.

I love you Roo....

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