Tuesday, January 11, 2011

8 Months Old...

Where does the time go? One minute I'm birthing a baby, next he's pulling himself up and standing... Where did my little boy go? Once he liked to snuggle, now he mostly puts himself to sleep.

In eight short months Gabriel has changed from a teeny, tiny baby that scared the shit out of me... to a crazy, wild child that makes me crack up laughing with the silly things he does. He's fearless, independent, and loves to explore. But he does have his mommy & daddy moments.

Tonight, thankfully, he had one of them. He wanted to be cuddled while eating a bottle. I usually watch T.V. until he falls asleep, but not tonight. He laid there gently stroking my face and staring at me. He'd smile when I'd kiss his palm, and put his hand back to my lips as if asking me to do it again and again. He eventually started rubbing his own eyes, a Que to put him to bed, and the moment was over. I cherish these moments. They are my favorite.

So at 8 months old, Gabriel still only can say mama (pretty excited about it too)....but I'm sure he'll pick up--hell he's only 8 months old. He rolls, army crawls, sits, and pulls himself to a standing position. He can't crawl, nor get to a sitting position on his own...but all in due time. He's got 3 teeth (4,5,6 can be seen but not completely broken through the gums--give it another week or so), and thinks its funny when you say ouch after he chomps down on your finger. He laughs when the dog plays fetch, when someone says WEEEEEEE or BOOOOO... He loves to swing and we take him to the park when it's not freezing outside. He also loves stroller rides and will laugh at every dog that barks at him. Favorite Foods---pineapple & pears, hawaiian delight, pumpkin apple; spegetti, mainly any veggie, but carrots. He's started on stage 3 foods, but its slow moving....he hasn't gotten the grasp that there are chunks of noodles and such in them just yet. He loves playing, but has his momma's attention span and gets bored quickly. :) He is spoiled rotten....and I don't mind a bit. I don't know his height or weight, I'll get that tomorrow just for the hell of it.

Things we're looking forward to in the next year:
1st birthday, walking (he's heavy what can I say), more words, starting potty training at the end of the year, somewhere around october/november-ish (the sooner the better), first float trip :)....

Being Gabe's mom is amazing. And I'm super excited for the upcoming months and everything they will hold.

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